Tyra Banks joins Chingy’s posse… as a dude!

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      Last year Tyra Banks donned a fat suit to experience what overweight people go through on a daily basis. Now Tyra dressed up as man and joined Chingy’s entourage to see what its like to travel from show to show and what groupies will do to get closer to a rap superstar.

      "I actually had a suit thing that went over me that made me have pecs and, like, a six-pack," Banks said in an interview with AP Radio. "And I was so muscular that it covered all of that breast tissue underneath it. We had to give me like, a heavier brow bone and a man’s chin and bone structure."

      But the look wasn’t the only thing that Tyra needed to do to become a man. Chingy kept telling her that her voice was too high and she needed to lower it. Apparently it worked as she fooled a groupie who was hanging around them.

      "She kissed me," Banks said. "I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that was really weird.’ She ran up and kissed me ’cause she thought that kissing me would get her closer to Chingy."

Look for the Tyra Banks Show episode to air on November 13.


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