Tyrese: “I Didn’t Punch My Girlfriend”

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By: Rizoh

      Three weeks after reports of Tyrese Gibson’s nasty altercation with his pregnant girlfriend set the internet ablaze, the singer has finally spoken out on the issue. Predictably, Black Ty denies allegations that she punched his girlfriend.

      “I am a very private person but as untrue information is still circulating, I feel I owe it to my fans and supporters to finally address the rumors and put them to rest once and for all,” said Tyrese. “Please be assured that accusations of an alleged physical altercation between my girlfriend and me are absolutely false. No charges were filed. I am grateful for the prayers and support I have received over the last several weeks from my fans and supporters and I want to thank them. God Bless.”


  1. well i don’t believe him, just so his ass won’t be in hot fing water, why did it take him so long to fine his has like oj mia please come correct be accountable for you fup behavior maybe you will stop getting accuse

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