Update: 19 Year Old Gunman Killed 8 And Him Self at an Omaha Shopping Mall

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There are 5 injured and 2 that were in critical condition.

       Omaha Police Chief Thomas Warren said the five female and three male victims ranged in age from 24-66 and comprised six Von Maur employees and two customers.

      Police chief Thomas Warren stated that the shooter  entered the bstore twice, the second time with AK-47.

     Police identified the gunman as 19 year old  Robert A. Hawkins of Bellevue, Nebraska.  "He basically said how sorry he was for everything," his landlord, Debora Maruca Kovac said of the note.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected.

December 5th 2006  Report:

      It has been reported by CNN that customers were gunned down today  around 2:00pm cst  in a Von Maur store located in Omaha, Nebraska.  There are still 3 people in critical condition. 

      Shoppers described scenes of horror as they fled the mall.

"I was standing around getting ready to go back to work and all of a sudden I heard this bang, bang, bang — it sounded like someone shooting fireworks," a witness told CNN affiliate KETV. "I ran to get away from whatever was happening."

"We heard about 35, 40 shots, and on our way our we did see someone down by the escalator, bleeding," Jennifer Cramer told KETV.  

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  1. Unfortunately this is how this world runs.. On Violence. anytime there is a problem. Countries go to WAR. so what do people expect on one on one conflicts with everyday people.

    SAD “Wake Up People” The World Needs to Change its Ways!!!!

  2. This is crazy. I don’t feel sorry for this crazy motherfucker that goes up in the spot and kills innocent people. I don’t give a fuck that he lost his job and his girl. What about the people that lost their fuckin lives over him being depressed and the people around him that knew this fact and did nothing about it. They at fault to. Now he is famous for killing people. Give it a couple months and some asshole is gonna do it again. Promise u

  3. carlito u usually get on my nerves but big up being from omaha exactly what i was thinkin some disturbed nerd gon try this shit again soon fucked up to say but at least he aint kill no black people keep that shit out west we had enough shootings down north

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