Usher Is Now Really Mad

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Usher needs to get a grip..he is demanding that  USHERFOREVER, a fan site for the singer hand over the domain name to LaFace Records after fans of his have dissed his future wife Tameka Foster. He did his letter thing where he asked bloggers and sites to stop posting stuff about his boo-boo and obviously it hasn’t now he is getting heavy with the webmaster who is considered one of his biggest
stans…sorry fans. Well she was up until this I guess.


  1. Funny thing about this is how does Usher have so much time to be doing this shit. Why do you care what the fans think about you wife. You have to deal with that WHORE not your fans. Nigga do what you do best. Sing your songs and smile pretty for the ladies. PLEASE STOP FUCKING CRYING OVER THIS BITCH!!!!!!

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