Usher Launches Fragrance

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

        On Friday, Usher announced that his new “Usher Men’s and Women’s Fragances” is now available. The “Usher He” line includes cologne, aftershave, shower gel and deodorant while the “Usher She” line includes perfume, body cream, lotion, and wash.

        "I’ve been thinking about [doing] millions of things: watches, jewelry, lingerie, clothing, jeans, caps, home furnishings; but I can only do one thing at a time,” Usher told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "And from the juice, to the bottle, to the carry, the delivery, the amount, the graphics, the photos, the presentation, the literature, everything– I was 100 percent involved in this fragrance. In order to get the juice, you have to pull off my ring [which serves as the cap]. … I figured if people like you, they want to buy into every bit of you and who you are."

       So if you want to smell like Usher, the collections start at $300 for the full packages. They will be available at all Macy stores this fall.


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