Verizon Drops Gwen Stefani Because of Akon

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Verizon already announced last week that they were dropping Akon as a sponsor for committing unspeakable acts on a 14- year old girl on stage at a recent concert. The phone company responded by terminating the endorsement contract, removing his ringtones and music from its online stores and pulled all the TV and radio spots featuring Akon and his music. Now to add insult to injury, Verizon is also pulling their sponsorship out of Gwen Stefani’s Sweet Escape national tour, where Akon is the opening act.

      According to Billboard, Verizon’s sponsorship of Stefani’s tour could be worth $1 to $2 million in costs, which is used to pay for production costs, employee salaries and other tour expenses. According to Stefani’s tour manager, Akon has been a PG-rated performer for the entire tour.


  1. man thats messed up. I mean its a responsible move for Verizon taking a stand. But do they even know if Akon knew the girl was 14. This is 2007 I know many 14 year olds that look like theyre 20 something. I know Akon gets it poppin, but I dont think he would be fuckin with a 14 year old like that.

  2. Word sex sells and akon is doing his thang right now it would be a bad decesion by verizon to pull out I know a coworker with a verizon phone all he do all day is download porn on it, ad insult to injury bitches

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