Video: DJ Spinn – “Dubby” f. Danny Brown & DJ Rashad

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Many of our readers probably aren’t very familiar with DJ Spinn or even DJ Rashad — but they ought to be! DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad make music simply known as ‘juke’ and ‘footwork’. Both styles of music originate from Chicago, a city where Spinn and Rashad are from. DJ Rashad dropped his critically-acclaimed album, Double Cup, at the tail-end of 2013, the same year Danny Brown — a rapper from the neighboring Detroit — released his album Old. Since then DJ Rashad tragically passed away, at the tender age of 34. His career was booming and he was quickly gaining recognition across the world but sadly God called him home early. Now, Danny Brown is teaming up with DJ Spinn for “Dubby,” a track that will appear on Off the Loud — the duo’s collaborative EP — on Hyperdub (a popular electronic music label out of the UK). As far as Danny goes: Well, he’s supposed to be dropping a new album later this year. Check out “Dubby” after the jump.