Video: Donnis “Gone”

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Here is the newest video from one of Atlantic’s newest artist’s Donnis.  “Gone” is off his Diary Of An Atlantic Brave mixtape that dopped late last summer.  While I like this song, and the video BB Gun did for it, I specifically remember deleting his entire mixtape out of my iTunes except for this joint.  My point being that I personally was un-impressed with his music.  However, it doesn’t really matter because he seems to be linked up with all the right people.  If there is one thing I have learned about the music business it’s that talent is secondary to resources.  Check out the video though, it’s pretty tight.




  1. Yeah his shit is so trash… I personally rather have XXL take him off the Freshmen list and put XV up…
    The only reason why his mixtape was push was because it was produce by “The Justice League”….
    —–> Check out my top five mixtapes of the Summer List – -><—— It only made the list cause of his beats…

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