Video: Introducing The New iPad (Tech Talk)

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Tech lovers across the world are going crazy right now as Apple has finally unveiled their latest tablet that will hit stores in a matter of days. Many believed the next iPad was sure to be called the iPad 3, but it will simply be known as the “new iPad”. Once it hits stores, it’s sure to be the hottest commodity for tablet users as it’ll easily be the top portable hardware on the market. Pre-orders are already available in 10 countries with the in-store date being March 16th. Prices start at $499 for the 16GB model, so hopefully ya’ll been saving up for this one.

Anyways, Apple has just released these two videos, the first being the official commercial for the new iPad and the second detailing all the newest features that distinguish the newest version from what’s already on the market. I can sit hear and write all the latest differences, but the people over at Apple just make it sound so much better.

Introducing the new iPad!