Video: Kendrick Lamar BET Cypher Verse Leaks, There’s A Drake Diss

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whoa. AllHipHop leaked a 15 second promo snippet from the BET Hip-Hop Awards that contains the beginning of the kendrick bars. lyrics after the jump.


And Nothing Been The Same since they dropped “Control”
 And tucked the Sensitive Rapper back in his pajama clothes
 HA-HA, joke’s on you
 HIGH FIVE (dap) I’m bulletproof
 Your sh*ts’ll never penetrate
 Pin the tail on the donkey, boy…you been a fake

it’s impossible to describe how this will affect the Rap Game in words sooo…we’ll just use smileys. shout out to The Coli Brethren.
the Nothing Was The Same reference in the opener set the tone with a

when k. dot dapped schoolboy q it was

but then hearing the Sensitive Rapper pajamas line was

and drake is definitely in his South Beach high-rise

this turned from a pillow fight into a legitimate Top Dawg-Underdog situation. my money’s on drake surprising a LOT of people with a complete response. his album sales are humongous and he doesn’t want a PR hit of any kind. perhaps he’ll squash it with a line or two.
or he might go the jay z route and release something that explains further the personal origins of this clearly intimate conflict.
we’ll keep you posted.


  1. U think it’s some sort of sick collab between the two? I talk shit about you, you talk shit about me, everybody’s talking about us?

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