VIDEO: Riskay Feat. Aviance and Real – “Smell Yo D!@#”

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  1. Some artist are in what I believe is the “stupid kompetition” and with this song, I believe these guys are running klose for first, behind soilder boy..LOL

  2. FIRST for u slow niggas…the RADIO version is “smell that chick”…and in my city (TAMPA) hoes love this song and its on da radio in rotation… classic? NO! hit? YES!

  3. this shit stupid. thats why niggas go fuck wit’ them white girls. cause the black mufuckas always accusing a nigga cheatin. Can I smell yo’ dick. Naw bitch. Smell my nutts ho! I hate hoes with a passion.

  4. Damn I’m from the south.. wow.. makes us look bad.. but I can say as a woman.. I have asked that a time or two.. jokingly.. but to make a song about it.. thats some Trina shit.. then the women don’t have stage presence.. can’t even hold the mike right.. hahahaha.. get it together girls

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