Video: The Clipse ft Rick Ross “I’m Good Remix”

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The Clipse release Til The Casket Drops on 12/8.  Do yourself a favor and pick that one up.  The thing that’s dope about this remix is that The Clipse re-did they’re verses so that it’s not just the same song with a new verse from Mr. Ross.  Word on the street is that The Clipse are doing a mixtape with Jadakiss.  Wow the Clipse & Jada on one mixtape.  It’s going to be the wittiest street talk you might ever hear.




  1. i don’t think i’m gonna like this remix. it doesn’t sounds that great will at the yeah a the beginning of the song. i hope they would diss some more of the very inviting intro.

  2. the clipse teaming up with rick ross is a good idea to get that i’m good remix. i personally love those guys. i am not sure this could be a hit but let’s see where it could go.

  3. i missed jadakiss! i am so glad he went out of teaming up with clipse. i am sure they will make a good song. this collaboration surely will hit the charts.

  4. why they can’t just do some original songs? it’s common nowadays to overdo remixes and redoing verses from songs but it is still nice to hear those that are original piece.

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