VIDEO: The Gorillaz “Journey To Plastic Beach” (AMAZING)

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If you don’t know who The Gorillaz are I really suggest you click here and learn because they are one of the coolest groups around, consisting of so many amazing musicians, from so many genres it will blow your mind. They dropped one of the best albums of the year, I think, entitled “Plastic Beach” and are steadily promoting the album with incredible visuals such as this.  Clocking in at about 16 minutes this short film by The Gorillaz is one of the most visually stunning movies I have ever had the pleasure to watch.  Connecting multiple music videos to form a visual narrative is a really cool idea and is pulled off flawlessly in my opinion.  You can stream the album at their website and order the album as well.  In an era of dwindling music sales and, in my opinion, some sh*t music, you should support great music whenever possible.  The Gorillaz are truly a band like none other, as this video clearly shows.