VIDEO: The Roots ft John Legend “The Fire”

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This video is really intense.  I had expected something epic after seeing the pictures and the trailer, but nothing could have prepared me for this.  Rik Cordero, who directs pretty much every good music video you see nowadays, helms this project and really might have changed the game.  It took me  couple of times to really appreciate how epic this video is.  It also helps to have Rik Cordero’s own summary:

“The Fire” chronicles a post-apocalyptic death march set in 1945 during the final stages of World War II in Europe. After a cataclysmic event renders the war futile, a paramilitary splinter group — led by a Kurtz-like figure known as The Commodore — forces the transfer of young men who will be used as labor…and food. The last survivor of the march receives a mysterious White Box which holds the key to survival. – Rik

Basically Rik and The Roots are continuing to make incredible art, and we should thank them.  Go BUY “How I Got Over” if you haven’t already.