Vince Staples Adds Depth to His Catalog with One of His Best Albums Yet, “Ramona Park Broke My Heart”

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The album is packed full with soulful ballads and uptempo bangers.

Last Friday, Vince Staples dropped his latest album, the follow up to last years self-titled project that spawned the hit track “Are You With That?” He sounds more self-assured than ever on the new album, using very few features and largely letting his mellowed voice carry most of the tracks. He teams up with Mustard for a couple of tracks, including the lead single “Magic,” and the chemistry between Mustard’s groovy production and Vince’s laidback style works flawlessly. With this album, he’s set the benchmark for West Coast rappers this year.

Listen to “Lemonade” with Ty Dolla $ign below: