Virtual Mims Invades Your Home

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By: Rizoh 

      If you have a computer and a connection, you can meet and interact with New York rapper Mims, and even watch him perform live in your home on July 10th at 8:00pm EST. The “This Is Why I’m Hot” rapper will join fans for a virtual meet and greet in a VIP lounge. It’s all taking place at via, a virtual world software that offers members real world enjoyment.

      “Capitol Music Group (Mims’ label) is a natural fit for because of our broad demographic, brand safety, and PG-13 environment. The company demonstrates its brand leadership by being one of the first music labels to leverage this new medium to connect artists and fans,” said Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies. “This partnership also demonstrates how Makena’s platform can be used as the "new film" which companies like Capitol Music Group can leverage to build a whole new consumer experiences utilizing our user safety and content protection features.”

      Visit to create a free login and download the software onto your computer.


  1. He better turn into something around this bitch.
    Them folks found out they done gave this nigga too much money and they trying to recoop.
    MIMS(man I’m mad son)

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