Wale Releases Politically-Charged Track, “Salary Kaep”

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Wale holds up a mirror to America.

Following Donald Glover’s lead of painting an ugly, realistic portrait of America on his new track and video for “This is America”, fellow lyrically-inclined rapper, Wale, just dropped off his politically-charged track, “Salary Kaep”.

Judging by the song title, it’s clear that Wale is using the atrocious Kaepernick – NFL situation as a microcosm of the broader unjust strokes plaguing disenfranchised Americans. Starting the song with a speech from Kaep about the unfair treatment of veterans, Wale supplements this notion by standing up for the other marginalized Americans, and says how he will never stop fighting, or using his platform, for what he believes is right.

Given Wale’s penchant for calling a spade a spade, “Salary Kaep” is right on-brand for Folarin. Check out the new track below: