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bunnyThe legendary parties held at the home of Hugh Hefner and his ‘bunnies’ have always been the event many hope to get an invite too, but seldom to. It has always been literally a VIP list dripping with a who’s who in Hollywood. Well with us battling a recession it looks like Hugh and his gals are like the rest of us feeling the pinch when it comes to the pennies. For the first time in over 27 years the Playboy Mansion is allowing your everyday man or woman the opportunity to partake in the Annual Midsummer’s Ball taking place on August 9th…the cost…$5,000. There has been a lil outrage at this change in direction by the Playboy boss with people stating ‘the party is about status and not about money.’ Well things are obviously changing. There has been no comment from inside the Bunny House on this change in events.