We Are Young Money Possible Cover

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This is possible cover art for Young Money’s Debut album We Are Young Money, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

The album, which originally was set to be packaged with Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, is now being sold seperately.

Here’s The tracklist

1. “Bedrock” (feat. Lloyd)
2. “New s**t”
3. “Pass Me the Dutch”
4. “Wifebeater”
5. “f**k the Bulls**t” (feat. Birdman)
6. “Ms. Parker”
7. “Target”
8. “Sacrifice”
9. “Every Girl”
10. “She Is Gone” (feat. Pleasure P)
11. “Girl I Got You”
12. “Gooder”
13. “Roger That”
14. “Steady Mobbin’” (feat. Gucci Mane)

We Are Young Money drops December 15th.