Weekend News Wrap Up: Beanie Sigel In Near Fatal Car Crash, Young Jeezy’s New Album & Kanye’s Getting Married?

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Beanie Sigel, who’s recently been driving the f**k Jay-Z bus, reportedly was in a near fatal car accident this Saturday (December 19th).

It’s being reported that a large tractor trailer truck ran his vehicle off the road. Sigel was not driving the car and is said to have sustained injuries.

The full details of those injuries have not been released, as well as the location of the accident. We’ll keep you updated as this continues to develop.


Young Jeezy’s got a new album on the way. His upcoming Thug Motivation 103 just got a release date and is said to be hitting the streets sometime in February of 2010.

The release date was posted on the back of an All American High School football game that is set to be held on January 2nd, the ticket says:

Jeezy TM103 in stores February 9th This ticket is a revocable license, which may be withdrawn, and admission refused anytime upon refunding the printed purchase price.”

Jeezy also recently spoke on the new album saying:

“I have some new producers I’m going to introduce to the world. I like to set trends. I’m going to keep those names in the bag. I want it to be a big deal when you first hear them. There will be a few of the producers I worked from Thug Motivation 101 and The Recession such as Shawty Redd and Midnight Black. I’m just working, man. I’m not really picky when it comes to the production. I just like good music…I have the studio bus and the whole nine. I was already working on it, so I was where I wanted to be on the new album before I left. I recorded most of it at the crib in Atlanta. I’m just putting the icing on the cake, now. I’m going to do the rest on the road and just knock it out. The album will be out sooner than later…I’m going to take my time. That’s what the label people tell me. “Yo, hurry up, but take your time, because we want that sh*t to be right.’ Soon as my stuff jump off the stove I’m going to put it in the streets.”

Be on the lookout TM103 in February, but knowing the business these days I’m sure that date will change.


A United Kingdom news source is reporting that Kanye will be marrying his girlfriend, supermodel Amber Rose.

Kanye is planning on marrying Amber sometime next year in the Caribbean. A source close to the couple told the UK newspaper:

“He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.” Apparently they’re going to stay in a eight-bedroom villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion. The friend added, “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.”

There’s been no word from Kanye or Amber on whether or not this is true, but if this does happen I hope Kanye remembers the age old rule, you can’t turn a h*e into a housewife…