Weekend News Wrap Up: Shawty Redd Murder Case Details, Lil Wayne Plays Jesus & Who’s Mad At Jay-Z Now?

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Producer Shawty Redd was recently charged in the murder of a Detroit man on New Year’s day.

Shawty Redd aka Demetrius Stewart was involved in a dispute at his Atlanta mansion early into New Years day, where he shot the man with whom he was arguing with. The reasons behind the dispute are still unknown.

A detective with the Henry County police department has confirmed that only one gun was found to be used in the shooting. The weapon was used to kill Damon Martin, of Detroit and that no weapons were drawn on the hit making producer. It was also confirmed that Shawty Redd was the only other person in the house with the victim.

He is now being held without bond for first-degree murder an a bond hearing is set for January 12th.


Lil Wayne is trying to do as much as he can before jail in February and this includes cartoons, yes, cartoons. Wayne’s being featured in a new cartoon special airing on Adult Swim.

The cartoon is entitled “Freaknik” and it also features T-Pain and David Banner and is supposedly about a former Atlanta party scene.

Wayne’s character of course is jesus christ and he appears in an animated music video for the program “Ghetto Commandments.”

Freaknik airs during Adult Swim on March 1st.


Yet another Jay-Z associate has decided to come out and say how Jay did him wrong. This time it’s De-Haven, who is even releasing an upcoming DVD about the two’s falling out.

De-Haven explains that he still doesn’t understand why Jay distanced himself saying:

“Everybody hears it through Jay-Z’s lyrics, you know, that’s who I am. Basically, I was his right-hand man. Beyond that, we was brothers. As you’ll see, I’m getting ready to put out a documentary, it’s actually doing to lay out everything so you’ll understand even why the YouTube is being put together…It’s beyond just friendship, it goes a little deeper than that…I feel he disrespected me for a while, and I chose to come out and say something now…The specific reason why we had a falling out? That’s the $10 million question right now…I get asked that everyday. And the bottom line, that’s what I’m trying to find out. What happened? Why this disrespect? For him to not even give me time, even to act like he didn’t know me, for all that I sacrificed, all that my people’s sacrificed, all that my family sacrificed. I never knew it would get to this…”

Jay-Z’s response to this guy came about 3 years ago on a song called “No Hook”, which was featured on Jay’s American Gangster album back in ’07..

“I’m gonna follow the rules no matter how much time I’m gonna get/I’m gonna live and die with the decisions that I’m gonna pick/So f*ck De-Haven for cave in, that’s why we don’t speak/Made men ain’t supposed to make statements/End of the story I followed the code cracked the safe/Other n*ggas ain’t in the game so they practice hate…”