Weekly News Wrap Up: Benzino Vs. Slaughterhouse, Jay-Z Responds To Beanie & DJ Clue Vs. Funkmaster Flex

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This week’s wrap up is a beef edition, not by purpose, but by chance.

Benzino Vs. Slaughterhouse

Rapper and former Source owner Benzino has been engaged in a war of words with hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. Disses between the two have been dropping left and right in the recent weeks, but how and why did this all start?

Benzino recently did an interview with BallerStatus.com and discussed the beef between him and Slaughterhouse.

Apparently around September last year, when Slaughterhouse was set to drop their debut, Zino tried to get them to do an interview for his new magazine hustle Hip Hop Weekly, but Slaughterhouse turned him down.

Zino then went and told N.O.R.E.’s blog site 57th Ave that he felt the group was overrated, to which Royce Da 5’9 responded to with a diss track. Zino fired back at Royce with “Break To Build” and from there it’s been back and forth between Benzino, Royce and the rest of the Slaughterhouse crew.He tells BallerStatus:

“The whole Slaughterhouse thing is kinda crazy. “

“We wanted to give Slaughterhouse some [publicity in Hip Hop Weekly], and basically they said “Nah, no Slaughterhouse members can do anything with Hip Hop Weekly” because of that situation. At the time, I was kinda heated about that. Not so much as far as them getting in it, because I’m trying to show them some love. But, basically because of the fact that they would let a female be the big problem behind all this. So, I was over N.O.R.E.’s house, and I just told him “Yo, I felt like [Slaughterhouse] was overrated.”

Benzino is now supposedly creating a supergroup of his own to specifically take out Slaughterhouse, he explains:

“I just feel like the music that I’m doing and the people that I’m around working with are better than [Slaughterhouse]. What I’mma do now, I put together this group to specifically go at them. It’s gonna be a cat from DC by the name of Pop, this other kid from Brooklyn by the name of Streets, and I got a surprise for the last one. [I got them together] just to go at these guys, but more or less to show the Internet world … and these cats are real street cats. They not underground, the backpackers, they real street cats. I wanna show the underground world that real street cats can still get it in…It’s a situation where I had to get some high guns to come on in — lyrical monsters who really go at dudes like [Slaughterhouse]. I’ve noticed battle rapping, song making, freestyling — these are all different things right here. I run across artists who are all different. I had to get some specialists that have been riding with Zino, like look at me as an OG and willing to ride.”

This whole mess just sounds like a way for both parties to get some publicity, but if that’s how you got to get yourself out there again, then so be it. Yet another meaningless internet beef.





Jay-Z Vs. Beanie Sigel

Hov recently appeared on Ed Lover’s morning show with fellow tour mates Young Jeezy and Trey Songz.

Of course the Beanie issue came up and Jay, who made the wise choice to remain quiet throughout the whole anti-Jay-z tirade finally broke his silence. He explains that Beanie’s comments and claims had caught him off guard and that he crossed the line. Hov says:

“This rap music and the competitive by nature, nothing really surprises me anymore but I’ll honestly say, that was one that was like a shocker. When you from a certain place, cut from a certain cloth, there’s certain things that’s just off limits. When you cross that line, we put you in a different box. That one was a little surprising. The competitive nature of rap music dictates that’s how it goes more times than it’s not…I think everybody run outta ideas, it’s all just marketing at this point. I don’t even think it’s competition anymore…”

Jay’s got a valid point. In the beginning it seemed like a personal thing between him and Beanie that Beanie tried to bring the world into, but now we are all seeing it for what it is. Beanie trying to become relevant again and build his name and image up through us showing him pity because the bad guy Jay-Z did him wrong.

Just like he brought 50 into it, we knew 50 wasn’t going to sign him, but was actually just using him to promote his Before I Self Destruct and deep down Beanie knew it too.

There’s got to come a point where artists take responsibilities for themselves, those that are successful are such because they worked and strived for it and those who are not are not because they didn’t work hard enough or didn’t stay on top their game…





DJ Clue Vs. Funkmaster Flex

Ever since DJ Clue left Hot 97 to take over the night shift at Power 105.1 about 4 years ago, him and fellow DJ and once good friend, Funkmaster Flex, have been going at it.

The two have taken shots at eachother over the years during their shared time slot, but lately Flex and Clue have been getting at eachother quite a bit.

Flex claims he’s still the kingpin and he runs late night and in response Clue has been blowing up what else, but Twitter, with topics like #whenflexdjs. He recently took another jab at Flex saying he has to pay artists to come to his parties and how he’s the only DJ with a topic about how horrible he is.






Things weren’t always like this though, check out the video below courtesy of RapRadar, where Flex gives Clue a shout out and gives him his props.

It just goes to show how cut throat this business can be and how in the end the only person you can truly hold down is yourself.