Weekly News Wrap Up: Bill O’Reilly Gets At Kanye Too, C-Murder Working On Appeal, Drake Surgery A Success

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Bill O’Reilly Is Next On List Of People Getting At Kanye

Not that Bill O’Reilly talking shit about rappers is news, but the rapper he chose to hate on this week just happens to be the rapper everyone’s hating on: Kanye West. You know when he saw what happened at the VMA’s, he saw that golden opportunity to take another shot at the Hip Hop community. So on his show, O’Reilly got some segment called Pinheads & Patriots; well guess who the pinhead was. Ever since he ruined some country chick’s acceptance speech, Kanye’s been hearing it from everybody, even the president and now Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly says: ”Well we may have made Mr. West a pinhead before but he is one troubled guy.”  Isn’t it hypocritical for a troubled guy to call someone else a troubled guy? Either way they’re both assholes for different reasons.


C-Murder Plans To Appeal Life Sentence

Rapper C-Murder a.k.a Cory Miller is planning on appealing his second-degree murder charge in which he received a life sentence. Last month, a Louisiana judge convicted C-Murder for a second-degree murder charge, despite the jury insisting twice that they could not come to a decision and were divided. The judge sentenced him to life in prison WITHOUT the possibility of parole. Friends and business associates believe that his conviction is unjust and say that racism is behind his case. His label-mate from his TRU label, Tomeka says:
“It is time that the public is educated on how this case was handled, and how an innocent man has been put behind bars because he is an African American rapper whose case is unfortunately being tried in Jefferson Parish. The racists have gone so far as to put up a billboard stating Corey Miller is guilty. So many illegal events have taken place with this case that the State Supreme Court overturned his conviction due to actions by prosecuting attorneys. In most states, these attorneys would have been disbarred.”

There’s reportedly a public protest that’s being held in Jefferson Parish and New Orleans to expose racism in the judicial system within Louisiana. Despite his conviction and legal troubles, his new album is being released through RBC Records. The album, Calliope Click, drops September 29th and has guest features such as Snoop Dogg, Juvenile, B.G., as well as other artists.


Drake’s Knee Surgery A Success

After re-injuring his ACL at a Phildelphia show, up and comer Drake let everyone know via Twitter (becuase apparently there’s no other forms of communicating these days) that he would be having knee surgery due to his injuries. His surgery was last week and was a complete success, so all is well with the young rapper.  He’s in recovery and working on his highly anticipated debut album Thank Me Later. Drake says in a recent interview with radio host Big Tigger: “It was a very, very successful surgery. That’s something that I’m thankful for. I can’t do much, I literally just lay in the bed all day but that’s sort of a blessing to me at the same time. We just built the dummy studio in the back room…The storm is brewing. [laughs] The ominous clouds are starting to form. It’s about to be a problem. I don’t know [an exact release date], I’m hoping February. That’ll be a nice release date, release month. It’s gonna follow the same formula as the mixtape. It’s gonna be a step up. That’s my goal. It’s gonna be very dark and sexy and all the things I like to embody in my music. You’re gonna hear me rapping about my life.”

Drake’s mixtape So Far Gone has also been released in stores if you wanted to pay for shit you already heard.