Weekly News Wrap Up: Dentist Examines Lil Wayne’s Tooth, Kid Cudi Apologizes & 50’s Leaving Aftermath?

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As we all know Wayne’s jail bid has been delayed for a few weeks due to a supposed dental problem. Well now the dentist is weighing in to validate this supposed tooth problem. According to Dr. Sherry Rudd, Wayne’s cracked tooth could lead to infections and she explains:

“He probably has a bad tooth, a tooth that’s abscessed. With having all of [gold and diamond material] in his mouth, it’s going to be really difficult to get clean because of all of the different crevices. I don’t know if they’re bridges or if they are all individual. But if it’s going to be two weeks [from surgery to recovery], then I don’t think he’s going to get them all off, because of the potential damage. Without knowing what’s exactly there, it’s probably decayed and the decay got into the nerve, which causes the nerve to die.”

Sounds pretty legit, having diamonds on your teeth can’t be too good for them. Wayne’s set to have surgery for the tooth and will return for sentencing on March 2nd.

He also is scheduled to go on trial March 30th for a seperate felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona. Looks like it could be more than just one year for Weezy..


A few months ago, Kid Cudi had a show in Vancouver, Canada and things got a little crazy. Supposedly a fan in the crowd threw a wallet at Cudi to which he responded by punching the kid in the face…Only it was the wrong person.

However, Cudi has decided to make good on his little incident and apologized to Michael Sharpe, the Canadian fan he punched. Cudi called him and blamed his actions on what else, but the alcohol. He even offered to fly the kid out to NYC for an all expenses paid weekend.

Despite drunken apologies, Cudi has also recently appeared in the new HBO series “How To Make It in America”, which you can watch here.


Game has been actively working with Dr. Dre again in the lab and has even recently announced that he will be joining Dre’s Aftermath Records. While this reunion is taking place, there’s a certain someone on the sidelines that’s not feeling this new addition to the Aftermath family. That someone happens to be 50 Cent.

There’s been alot of talk of 50 leaving the label and that there’s been tension between him and Dre, even calling him out on “So Disrespectful”:

“I ain’t giving nobody sh-t Imma show them/I gave Game hits, he told me to suck d-ck/start screaming Westside and Dre ain’t say sh-t”

Dre has also been working with Ashanti, who as we all know is affiliated with one of 50’s many foes, Ja Rule.

Although nothing is official yet, 50 has been talking about leaving Interscope due to shady business deals going on at the label. His G-Unit crew Tony Yayo and Lloyd  Banks are both free agents, so maybe 50 should follow suit. We’ll see how this develops, but things are definitely bumpy over at the Interscope family.