Weekly News Wrap Up: Jim Jones Responds To Cam, Jadakiss Talks Ruff Ryders Reunion & 50 Settles With Taco Bell

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Jim Jones Responds To Cam’ron’sDipset Is Over” Claims

Cam recently declared Dipset officially “over”, but the capo Jim Jones explained in his interview with Angela Yee that the brand could never die because each member carries a portion of the groups legacy.

Jim explains the importance of the set’s legacy saying:

“Listen to me, Juelz has the right to Dipset, just as much right to Dipset as Cameron Giles. Ya dig? So there ain’t no one person that can say Dipset is over. Ya dig? People just been doing a lot of YouTubin’ and tryin’ to get themselves hot. When you can’t get on the radio, I guess YouTube is the next best thing. And tell me when I’m not telling the truth. There’s no copyright holder…If I wanted to be a slob, I could have done some sloppy things…Above anything else, it wasn’t just about me, Juelz and Zeek, there was a lot of people eating off this Diplomat situation…You gotta watch what you say as one person, because if someone was to take that personal, it could get ugly, ya dig? It’s always Dipset, I am Dipset. I am Dipset, holla at me, whoever don’t like it, I said I’m Dipset, I been DipsetThe Dipset is ours, we are Dipset, I am Dipset…This is not a publicity stunt, I don’t go around sitting in shopping carts and do things like that. I go around and get money. If it’s a problem, there’s a thin line between love and hate. Ya dig?”

Juelz also said his peice about the “Dipset is over” declaration and said:

“I put a lot of bricks in that building,” Juelz stated in an interview. “So my work was more than put in, so even if you can say you brought me to the game, well guess what, I gave you everything for bringing me to the game. I helped build that Diplomat building to the top floor. When you think of Dipset I’ll always be in your brain. If Cam feels like for whatever reason he is too big to get over whatever happened, or he’s too stubborn or whatever the case may be, so be it. At the end of the day, I am comfortable. I can look in the mirror.”

At the end of the day, Cam is the boss, not just figuratively, but legally so what he says pretty much goes; and if he says no Dipset reunion then there’ll be no reunion. However, Jim and Juelz still get credit for being vital members to the set and that’s why they have their own successful careers.


Jada Speaks On Ruff Ryders & Still Having Success In Today’s Hip Hop

Jadakiss recently addressed in his interview with Peter Parker the Ruff Ryders reunion and explains that it’s just a matter of getting everyone in the studio together. He also explains remaining relevant in today’s hip hop. Jada says:

“You know, the Ryders is pure talent around the board,” Jada said about his team of emcees which includes DMX, Eve and Swizz Beatz. “It’s just a matter of linking up and putting it together. I had to be the engine, you know what I mean, with this Last Kiss album, get back in the door, get my elbows, get my elbow space and pull everybody out. DMX is back out of the trouble again. I feel fresh, it’s like a new beginning. Five years off [and] to have a first-week like I had, you know, the response is great. The people are still feeling the kid and that’s all it’s about…I was told I was nice from [Big] Pun, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem.”


50 Vs Taco Bell

Being as how 50 Cent is a multi millionaire, these days he can spend money on many things. One of these many things include high paid lawyers who are ready to sue with one phone call. Being as how 50 has these high paid lawyers he can basically sue whoever he wants, rap web sites and even fast food chains.

50 filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against fast food giant Taco Bell, for using his name and image without permission. The lawsuit was filed last year and claims that Taco Bell was using his name and image to promote their new value menu.

According to Street Insider, both parties have agreed on a confidential “satisfying settlement”.

Word to the wise out there don’t use 50’s image or name for anything because whether your a regular person or a major corporation, you will be sued and will most likely lose…