Weekly News Wrap Up:Birdman Says Drake Could Be Bigger Then Wayne, Eminem Talks Retirement & Jay-Z Thinks He’s Jesus?

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Birdman Says Drake Could Be Bigger Than Wayne…In 20 Years

Cash Money millionaire Birdman discussed his new bread winner, Drake, and compares him to his main bread winner Lil Wayne. Baby says that Drake is undeniably a star, but has a long way to go before he reaches Weezy’s “best rapper alive” status, saying:

“Drake is already a superstar. That’s 20 years from now. Hopefully, he’ll be bigger. That’s what we’re striving for. We ain’t tripping. We’re working hard for him to be bigger than anyone else. We want the best for him. Now, I don’t see any top labels. I look around and see all those people who did it before me. To me, the labels, I don’t see no company with constant success with a clique. At some point, there was a lot of people doing this. It used to be crowded. I see a lot of people who have done it, and now don’t see them.”

I’m not the biggest Drake fan, but I doubt it’s going to take 20 years, its only been less than a year and the kid’s up for two grammy nominations with no album or label (at that time) and sold more than 180,000 copies of a mixtape that was already free…


Eminem Talks Retiring With Complex

Eminem, who’s covering this months Complex, goes into his retirement plans and life after hip hop. He discusses getting back into movies, but hasn’t found the right role yet.

He also goes into the right age to retire from rap and how he’s not trying to be no 60 year old rapper. Em says:

“We just haven’t found anything that’s been the right thing at the right time. I have to be finished with this album and then I’ll probably want to jump into something like that. I don’t know if there’s a movie where I’ll want to be in every single scene again, but something, yeah…It was, ‘I don’t want to be a rapper when I’m 40,’ and the next time we talk it will be, “I don’t want to be a rapper when I’m 50.” Sixty is the cut-off. I can’t be no 60-year-old rapper, son!”

Eminems got a point, who the hell wants to listen to an old a** man rapping? 40’s definiely the cutoff, with the exception of Jay-Z, who proved he’s timeless. Speaking of Jay-Z


Jay-Z Thinks He’s Fu**ing Jesus, This J-Hova Sh**”

50 recently did an interview with Rolling Stone to talk about his new album Before I Self Destruct, but used the interview as another oppurtunity to bash Jay-Z. He goes into a past deal with Freeway and explains how Jay was being difficult and that “he thinks he’s fu**ing Jesus”. 50 says:

“I think he completely has his best interests in mind. When you commit to working with other artists — I have to be passionate about it. Of course, you want to make money, so you only commit to the things that you’re excited about, that you feel you have the chemistry with or has something there, but after you get past that point, it should be something that you actually want to see win. I tried to collaborate with him on the Freeway project. What I did was Freeway went out and found his publishing deal, and we started the album, and Jay did ‘Big Spender’ and I did ‘Take You to the Top,’ and when it came time to put the record out, he didn’t want to shoot his video, so I’m like, ‘Why am I going to shoot mine? I’m not shooting it. It’s on your label.’ He has a king complex, he thinks he’s f*cking Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova sh*t.”

I think throughout the whole time 50’s been promoting Before I Self Destruct, he’s been talking more about Jay than the actual album. That could be why he only sold 160,000 first week…I’m just saying. When is this whole fu** Jay-Z campaign going to die down? It’s overkill now, can he live?