Weezy Admits To Kissing His Daddy

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Lil Wayne spits at the mouth on a recent freestyle over We Taking Over, DJ Khaleds joint. I mean we all said it…the proof was in the picture, but Weezy openly states in this joint about kissing his pops. CHECK IT OUT ON OUR FEATURED AUDIO PAGE


  1. Dam weezy I thought u n Juelz doing the best of both hoods and u doing the best of both sex’s lol. shit Santana u better watch ur lips in the booth because lil Carter might stick his tongue down ur throat homey lol. Maybe he and Trina can both share stories on what Baby’s saliva taste like lol.

  2. He says on his song over the walk it out beat on the drought album too.. And everyone knows Baby’s not his biological father but took care of him from an early age. I cant think of a reasonable excuse for kissing any male on the lips but aye thats them. Weezy’s still one of the best rappers alive.

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