Weezy Gets Paid 250K To Smoke Cigars On NYE

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You can just tell Weezy is furious about those restrictions on his lifestyle.  He can’t just hang out in the VIP section poppin bottles, smoking blunts, and just generally living the dream.  I mean what is even the point of being a f*cking rapper if you can’t do those things?  I guess he can just spend more time impregnating  hot chicks.  That’s the only way to spend your time if you are a rapper who can’t drink and do drugs.  You just gotta hang out and get boy band a$$.  According to Julia Beverly of Ozone Weezy made 250K to pretty much hang out, smoke cigars, and count backwards from 10.  250k!  Please excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.  Check the video footage below.  Shouts to the chick who just lets the Young Money guys pour water and beer all over her.  Way to set the bar!