Welcome To TWEEDL: The App Revolutionizing Music Discovery

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Think Tinder meets American Idol.

You’re an aspiring artist repressed in the abyss of your fellow underground talent. A crab in the barrell, you’re desperately trying to claw your way to the top, to standout in any conceivable way in order to land that lauded record deal. You want — no, need — to break the clutter.

But how?

Do you try to create a viral moment in hopes of leveraging that popularity for showcasing your unique sound? Do you wait outside of Power 105.1 to catch DJ Self in the street to tell him about how you’re the hottest artist, and just need that one shot? How about constantly hitting up tastemakers to receive their co-sign?

In 2019, while the traditional barriers to musical entry have been drastically lowered, thanks to DIY platforms like SoundCloud and social media at large, these softened admission standards have opened the floodgates, mushrooming the volume of competing artists in the process.

Everyone’s trying to go viral; everyone’s waiting to “serendipitously” catch DJ Self in the street; everyone’s in Adam22 or Akademiks’ DMs. But not everyone will succeed with this roadmap — in fact, most will fail. For the overwhelming majority, there needs to be an easier means of breaking that proverbial clutter.

Welcome to TWEEDL: the industry’s first social networking app predicated on facilitating artist exposure.

Founded by former Combs Enterprise CFO, Tony Abrahams, TWEEDL connects burgeoning musicians — across all genres — with curious fans who are searching for that next big hit, to be that person putting their friends onto that next hot artist.

Here’s how it works: You, the artist, upload a 30-second snippet of a track to the TWEEDL platform. You, the fan, select your interested genre, and are subsequently presented with a news feed of said snippets; after listening, you get to simply decide if it’s hot by hitting “dope” or not by selecting “nah.” Then, a percentage breakdown of how other users voted will appear. The more “dopes” an artist receives, the more looks they will get, snowballing its way to the ears of the “right” people — the ones who can help you, the artist, finally land that lauded record deal.

Think Tinder meets American Idol.

TWEEDL is creating an interconnected artist – fan ecosystem, challenging the music industry’s status quo by empowering the fan to be the A&R. An improved artist exposure means, TWEEDL is here to revolutionize music discovery.

Currently, TWEEDL is in its first iteration, available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Keen on making an impact, TWEEDL needs your help, the artist and fan, by downloading the app to reach critical mass and make this novel idea a music industry fixture. Also, click the link to donate to the TWEEDL kickstarter campaign.

With TWEEDL, it’s all about community. Let’s help the next big star get their break by working together to continue this app’s proliferation. Let’s strip down the traditional industry paradigm and make a real difference.