What Was He Thinking?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Tony old man Yayo should be ashamed of himself stepping to a random kid wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt, regardless of who that kid was. Turned out it was Jimmy Henchman’s son who is now considering pressing charges against 50 who allegedly gave Yayo the nod to step to the kid and the old fool himself, after the bully smacked him around the head in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday. Just when G Unit thought things couldn’t get much worse.


  1. Dam I like the G-Unit but u don’t violate like this. Homey he 14 years old and u 45 year old fucking chump. Do that shit to the Game, better yet that nigga Fat Joe sent after ur punk ass, but we know in the hood Jimmy’s a true gangsta so u’ll get urs sooner or later while Fif hidding behind the cops.

  2. Yayo is gangster, tell you what chi chi, why dont you come on over to St. louis, north side 59 blk look up chico thats me, ya dig, listen to me say Fuck that tired as looking rapper named Big Booty Tony Yayo, then feel me stomp ya mutherfuckinn ass, then sue your ass for steppin to me NIGGAH..L7 ass niggah


    Now, if you see that comment about Chris Lighty’s brother, I’m hearing some things about that. I’m not even going to allege that Jimmy Henchman sent anybody to do anything to anybody, but I will say that Mike Lighty sustained a stab wound from his “incident.” From what I heard, this alleged stabbing resulted in 103 stitches. Now, some have told me that this stabbing is totally unrelated. I’ll again call for peace, but peace isn’t picking up right now.

    This is from allhiphop.com rumor section if this is true G-unit n Henchmen going to go through that Big in Pac shit. Yayo u old flabby looking sick mother fucker why u not doing this shit too any of them Dipset niggas.

  4. First off, 14 year old black males are not children! Cause they get trialed as adults everyday. And secondly how are you gong to judge somebody when you did not see what happened. This is 100% fabricated, and speculation.

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