When Super-Groups Combine: Canibus, Ras Kass, Killah Priest & Kurupt Team Up With Slaughterhouse

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The HRSMN are one of those long fabled Hip Hop super-groups that never put out an official album.  First appearing on a 12″ promo in 1998 under the title, “Abide By,” the group quickly garnered acclaim from underground heads for their lyrical abilities.  “Abide By” has since become nearly impossible to find, although the lyrics resurfaced on Canibus’ sophomore album, 2000 B.C. Although the group collectively released an EP in 2003, there has been much doubt as to whether a full-length HRSMN album would ever come to fruition.  Throughout the years, the group’s members have made bold claims of Dr. Dre producing the project, a major label deal, and additional members, none of which have come to light.


Regardless the group’s members have continued to collaborate on various solo projects and today a promising video of the HRSMN sans Canibus surfaced on YouTube.  In an additional 50 minute video, the group appears in a  home studio with legendary West Coast producer, Battlecat.  Arguably the most impactful super-group of the past decade, Slaughterhouse, is set to appear on the unnamed project.  This is probably somewhat awkward considering Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9″ was outspoken about Canibus tricking D12 into appearing on a diss track aimed at Eminem.  Even though I must admit that these artists are a little past their prime, “This Sh*t Right Here” was pretty hot and the snippets sound legit, too.