Why Did Shaq Become a Cop? , Marital Bliss

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

Why Did Shaq Become a Cop?

      Ok so of course ole Karrine had to have her dig about the recent news of Shaq and Shaunies divorce..running her mouth about what he gave her etc…didn’t we all know this already from her first book? Talk about repetitive…but word on the streets of Miami is the reason Shaq got involved with the cops down there was so he had access to uncover what is said to be Shaunie’s ‘other’ life..whatever that may be…we all wondered what he was up to when he made that move ..so maybe now we know.

Marital Bliss

      Well they look happy…but will they stay happy? Pleased to see Man-face didn’t get married in white. Still wondering why Usher’s Momma didn’t show up..but anyhow they are supposed to be having a baby shower now for the impending birth..making sure they stay in the limelight.