Wifisfuneral Unleashes a Succinct Yet Powerful EP, ‘Leave Me The Fuck Alone’

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Only four-tracks deep, but engorged with heart and passion.

South Florida has developed into one of hip-hop’s richest pockets. Not only are they rivaling Atlanta as the prime regional purveyor regarding artistic depth, but also in terms of breadth: Lil Pump and the late Xxxtentacion couldn’t be more different, and yet they both call the US’ southern corner home.

Another exciting artist erupting from the South Florida camp is Wifisfuneral–a unique distillation of his hometown’s eclectic artistry. On the surface, he looks like he snuggly fits in this generation’s “SoundCloud” wave (a reductive term): he has face tats; up until three-days ago, he had multicolored dreads. However, as Joe Budden once discovered through action instead of talk, Wifisfuneral is also an incredibly pensive writer, skilled rhymer, and talented lyricist.

Today, the 21-year-old artist has come through with four-track EP, Leave Me The Fuck Alone, released via his label, Alamo Records.

A dark, introspective dive into the complex inner workings of Wifi’s mind, Leave Me The Fuck Alone is exactly what the title and his overall demeanor suggest: A thoughtfully-constructed order to leave him the f*ck alone, to not judge without knowing, and to listen instead of assuming.

Listen for yourselves by hitting play below: