Will Kanye Be Here When the Numbers Come In?

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By: Hot Gossip Gal
      This is the bathroom of Kanye’s new pad in LA. I am sure he is hoping to avoid putting his head down that toilet when the numbers come in next week on first week sales. Although after the MTV performance this week I am sure he spent time looking in the mirror to make sure his tears had dried. His crib is pretty fly though..no denying that


  1. I’m putting a ban on KANYE the graduated sell out..I can’t believe you’d treat CHICAGO like ah office..I heard his CD regretfully.. the best song..GOODNIGHT ft.MOS DEF..and that’s because MOS DEF’s hook…and even that hook was used awhile back by a rapper named K-OS from CANADA and he to me is a true MC..using the MC method of speech to embrace..not for a RECORD breaking sale..come on..Ban KANYE and stop making 50 richer

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