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will smith

Movies such as Hancock and I am Legend have encouraged Will Smith to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after as well as most profitable. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was anointed the top money making movie star of 2008, earning over $80 million last year alone, by the 77thQuigley Poll. Smith also topped the Forbes Biggest Earners list in the Summer of 2008 and with Smith’s last movie Hancock grossing $629,024, 371 you can understand why he has proved time and time again how he truly is Hollywood Royalty.
The Quigley Poll which has been in effect since the early 1930’s takes the Top 10 movie stars who are believed to generate the most revenue picked by film buyers and movie theaters to get its results. Smith joins names such as Sidney Poitier, James Stewart, Johnny Depp and Paul Newman who have also topped the list since it was started back in 1932.