Will.i.am’s Album To Be Re-released Because of Poor Sales

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno


      Earlier this year, will.i.am was on top of the world with producing hits for Fergie and getting some critical love for the beats he did for Common and Nas. So when it came time to drop his album, it was destined to blow, right? Well, during its first week on shelves, will’s album “Songs about Girls” only moved 21,000 copies and only 47,108 copies to date. Interscope Records plans to re-release the album

“We went with the wrong single and it sold nothing,” an Interscope Records insider told Entertainment Weekly. “We would’ve been in better shape if we had pulled the album, because to relaunch it is harder.”

      The re-released album will drop in early 2008 and have an additional three songs added to it. The label will start a brand new marketing campaign behind the album.


  1. perhaps this means that will.i.am shouldn’t be his own artist. he belongs with the black eyed peas. i actually miss apl.d.ap from BEP. fergie’s great and delicious too. they should really get back together and release a dope album. that is, if fergie doesn’t feel too big for the group.

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