WORLD PREMIERE: ERT Shines in New Video for “Zoooom”

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ERT returns with brand new video

Chicago-native ERT has been making waves with his futuristic hip-hop sound. On “Zoooom,” his vocals stand out among the surplus of talent in the rap game, as he effortlessly floats on top of AyoWithTheMayo’s production. Today, he has released the psychedelic video for “Zoooom,” which sees him ride around in flashy cars and rock designer clothes.

The GT Films visual suits the song very well, as the video’s effects and quick cuts match the energy of the track. ERT brings a cool, relaxed vibe to the video and it feels like he had a clear vision of what he wanted the finished product to look like. In all, the visual gives ERT’s audience a fresh, aesthetic introduction to the talented rapper.

As we await new music from the up and coming rapper, we’ll keep “Zoooom” on repeat.

Watch the video for “Zoooom” below: