WTF: Chicago Rapper King L (King Louie) Gets Drake Tattoos

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Uhh, umm, what? Drake’s influence on the rap game runs deep, apparently.

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Let’s be real: we all love Drake. Admit it, you’ve listened to “Marvin’s Room” ad nauseam following your very messy and very public breakup. You probably attended multiple dates of the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour this past fall. You probably even bought more than a fair share of Drake OVO shirts, too. Of course you refuse to wear them in public, in case of some unsuspecting hazing that could arise. Point is, Drake is everyone’s favorite even when you don’t even know it.

But perhaps some people take their love for the Toronto singer/rapper a bit too far, case in point that one time that woman went and got DRAKE in varsity lettering tattooed across her forehead. That’s loyalty right there. And now there are even rappers in the game who are openly professing their support for Team Drake. Chicago drill pioneer King L (formerly King Louie) recently underwent receiving two (yes, two) Drake inspired tattoos. Remember kids, tattoos are in fact permanent. Both tattoos are also located on the neck and face area. Yup, that’s dedication folks! #TeamDrake

The two Drake inspired tattoos in question is the unmistakable OVO (October’s Very Own) owl and the “6 God” praying hands. You can see those two tattoos King L received in the photo above.

Source: Instagram