Wyclef: “I Give Fugees Four Years to Reunite”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

    While hanging out Langkawi, Malaysia, Wyclef Jean took time out to talk to the local media about his upcoming album, “Carnival II: Memoirs of An Immigrant.” The album drops in October and features Mary J. Blige, will.i.am, and Paul Simon.

      "When I came up with The Fugees, I believed we always had an international statement," he told Channel News Asia. "But for Carnival II I felt that this music had to be a great representation of the music heard at every corner of the globe. This is serious business so we wanted to do it right and not just work with samples as some previous artists have done. I never sacrifice culture before pop music just to follow what’s hot. If I do four or five songs in my lifetime that hit the charts, I always think ‘will these songs stand the test of time?’ That’s what the guys who invented hip-hop thought of, focusing on culture and not just diamonds or pearls."

      When asked about the possible Fugees reunion, Wyclef said he’s in the same boat as fans wondering if it will ever happen.

      "The Fugees are like the hip-hop Beatles, so anything that’s so good like that comes with a lot of drama and baggage, you know what I’m saying?," he laughed. “I hope The Fugees can do another record, I’m giving them four years to get their act together and get it done before I go back to Haiti for good!"


  1. Nigga please. Note to Wyclef: No one cares anymore. Yall shouldve cashed in when you had the chance. No one cares about the Fugees anymore. Please go back to Haiti and stay there……

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