Combat Jack: Ya’ll Still Mad At John Mayer’s Peen?

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It’s been a week since that John Mayer Playboy Magazine interview. What a great week for Playboy. John Mayer, not so much. So there has been this huge outrage about Mayer’s comments, specifically him dropping N-bombs like it was nobody’s business and where he said he never opened up to dating Black chicks, only because his “dick is sort of like a white supremacist”.  And how he’s got “a fuckin’ David Duke cock”. Uhm, [||] on both accounts.

But so what if dude doesn’t eff with sisters. I can’t understand the uproar. Is  it because he’s hung around rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West that folk feel betrayed? I’ve hung around my fair share of white people, some of whom are my best friends, and I’ve never had a thing for white chicks. I’ve hung out with so much white that you could say I’ve got a country club pass. But that’s stupid, because country clubs are wont to eagerly let a cat like me in. So let’s keep it real and say I’ve got a cracker ass cracker pass. And in connection with what I said before about not preferring white chicks, you might could say that my peen is like a Black militant. I’ve got an effin Farakhan peen. [||] again. I doubt that said white friends will be mad at me for writing what I just did. They never effin cared who I hooked up with anyways.

Or was it the way dude dropped the word “nigger” so fluently? I didn’t read his usage as meaning he hated niggers, just not tryna eff with their women. Or maybe he was tryna say he hates “niggas”. Can’t ever be mad at that cause just like Chris Rock, there’s times where I hate niggas too. Only because niggas be effin shit up for us all. Looks to me like Mayer was tryna smartly break down the concept of white being granted a “hood” pass. Only Mayer’s never been to the hood. And he isn’t that smart. And as prejudiced as society leads us to be I don’t think Mayer came off as a racist, only stupid. And I don’t ever remember when it was cool to be mad at stupid people. Plus, can’t ever be mad at dude for not lying on his peen. That’s because niggas I know stay lying on their dick. Uhm. [||].

I remember a couple of years ago, I was in my crib hanging out with my wife and a couple of her girlfriends. (I know). So here’s these nappy headed hoes Black women yappin about white crooners Robin Thicke and John Meyer and how incredible their music was, and how “foine” they was, and how quick they “could get it” over these “triflin ass jobless negroes”. In my cot damned kitchen!!! Since I wasn’t part of the convo, just over hearing shit, I kept mum, but mentally I was like ” really?” Later on that night, wifey and I laughed at how some of her  friends had been brainwashed into believing that the white man’s ice is colder. Not that I’m gay, but I’d never think that Thicke or Mayer were exceptionally good looking white men. Now that Brad Pitt fella, he’s one good looking white. [||] again. But getting back to my point, if there was anyone that should ever be mad, I’d venture to say it was them Black women so quick to throw Black men under the bus for some of that white r&b crooner love. It wouldn’t even be a sense of them being mad at the “racist” comments as much as it’d be them feeling betrayed by one of their great white hopes.

So a week later, we’re still outraged. Please, get a life and get over it. Unless of course, if you fall into that subset of being one’a them betrayed feeling Black women. There’s bigger fish to fry and more important shit to get outraged about.

The way I read it, the most heinous thing Mayer said during that interview is how much he prefers masterbating to having real sex with a new chick. Wtf?!? and ewww! Ain’t nothing ever better than new poon, and mos def not pron. Ever. Saying shit like that is straight creepy and suspect. Some kinda shit a perverted pederast might say. If most people read that Playboy article as intelligently as I did, folk might wanna keep their underaged lil girls away from Mayer. Their lil sons too.


  1. damn. so you went from sayin that cats shouldn't be mad at him, to essentially hinting that you think he's a gay pedophile? hmmmn… u sure u ain't salty?

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