YBN Cordae Spits Freestyle Over Kanye & Lil Pump’s “I Love It”

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Taking his rhyming talents to Tim Westwood TV.

England’s Tim Westwood has become a staple in hip-hop media. A seasoned interviewer and personality, Westwood’s outsized platform has grown into one of the preeminent freestyle stages for burgeoning and established artists alike–one that consistently recruits guests’ A-level rhyming abilities. From Lil Dicky’s hilarious 2016 freestyle to Juice WRLD’s >60-minute lyrical onslaught, Tim Westwood is a tastemaker, a decider in who has what it takes.

Most recently to step-up to the mic is foundational member of the YBN crew, YBN Cordae. Despite his group affiliation, a group known for embodying new wave trends, Cordae is a lyrically-inclined kid who consistently pays homage to the likes of Big L and other revered Golden Age rhymers. Cordae understands and appreciates the concept of paying respect to one’s elders, to understanding where an art originates in order to propel it forward. During his Tim Westwood freestyle, this studious mentality and lyrical penchant are on full display.

Tackling the eccentric “I Love It” by Kanye and Lil Pump, Cordae deliver a succinct two-minute freestyle that paints him as one of his generation’s most impressive lyricists. Ironic given the original song’s diluted lyrical content, Cordae condenses a bevy of witty punchlines and double-entendres while melodically riding the infectious beat. He is a dynamic talent who isn’t even close to his potential.

For those doubting today’s artists’ lyrical abilities, press play below: