Yes, Michelle—You Too Can Own a Michael Jackson Memento!

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By: Rizoh

      Are you a fiend for shiny gloves and glittery suits? Ever dreamed of owning rhinestone-studded costumes? Make that Michael Jackson’s rhinestone-studded costumes. You (and a gazillion others) are welcome to bid on Jackson mementoes in what has been dubbed the largest auction of Jackson family memorabilia. Ever.

      Among the 1,000 or so items being auctioned off to the public are: a pink Mae West dress worn by an 8-year old Janet Jackson and a faded 23-year old telegram from Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson right before a show.

      New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro acquired the Jackson goodies in 2002 after a botched business venture wound up in bankruptcy court. Universal Express Inc. then paid Vaccaro $5 million for the items. Jackson dropped an effort to impede the auction two weeks ago, and opted for a confidential settlement with Universal.

      Wacko Jacko aficionados worldwide can bid on the goods via and eBay’s live auction site, starting this Wednesday.