Young Thug, Gunna, & Lil Baby Get Trippy on “Chanel” Video

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YSL meets the drip.

Young Thug’s summer 2018 quasi posse cut Slime Language is an eclectic packaging of tracks with a diverse featured artist guest list. One of the album’s stronger collabs, “Chanel”, featuring the wildly popular duo of Gunna and Lil Baby, became an immediate favorite, boasting the project’s most-stream Spotify track at >44mm plays; the next closest has an excess of 8mm.

Today, the trio has come through with the imaginative video for “Chanel”. Blending realistic elements with absurdist ones, like a Lambo melting in the pavement, the “Chanel” video mirrors the song’s textured acoustics.

Watch the “Chanel” video below: