Zaytoven Taps G-Eazy & Jack Harlow For “Moana”

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Nothing like a little banger to soundtrack your quarantine.

Zaytoven, Jack Harlow, and G-Eazy might all come from different places, have different stories, and enjoyed different ascents, they share one absolute in common: they’ve all reached the summit of their respective crafts. With Zaytoven being one of the most legendary producers in the game, Jack Harlow soaring quicker than the Apollo 11, and G-Eazy an established star, these three have unique roadmaps that have led them to the same destination. Now, their paths converge on the all-star track, “Moana.”

As the old adage goes, a picture says a thousand words. “Moana” reinforces that proverb, as the cover art is a collage of imagery: the lower left corner is a screenshotted conversation between Zaytoven and Jack Harlow, reading, “Yo Jack it’s Zatyoven. Got a crazy ass beat for you and G while y’all quarantined. Let’s hop on a call rq”; the remainder is a collection of images of G-Eazy, Harlow, and some beautiful women, all serving as the backdrop for the center image of an export file. 

This cover art creatively captures the spirit of this quarantine: artists finding other means of connecting with their fans in the face of adversity.

As for the song itself? Well, it sounds like these three have another banger on their hands.

Hit play on “Moana” below: