hilton50_21Besides his public feuds with other artists, another recognizable thing about 50 Cent is his massive body art.

But in a recent chat with AllHipHop.com, the G-Unit head honcho spoke about getting some of his tattoos removed, so it can help further his acting career:

“I took some of the tattoos off because on the movie set, if we got a six o’clock call time, I have to be there two o’clock the night before,” he said.

“I gotta go through four hours of make up before we go ahead and play the role. So, I just took it off my arm. My right arm.”

Everybody knows what he’s up to music-wise, but as for movies go, 50 Cent’s impressive line up includes him acting and executive producing Caught In The Crossfire, a film that features Chris Klein.

Not to mention he will also work in Dead Man Running, Twelve with Kiefer Sutherland, 13 with Mickey Rourke, and Jekyll And Hyde with Forest Whitaker. Looks like the future is looking exceptionally bright for Mr. Jackson these days, removing some of those gaudy tattoos is proving to be a good idea…

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Lord_Devious Lord Devious

    After watching her porno; I would fuck Paris like a Mexican prostitute if I was 50. As for the tats? I guess when you have money like that, laser removal of all the inked skin on your body seems practical.