This whole story is like a retarded version of Big L’s “Casualties Of A Dice Game“.  I still have so many questions.  Why is the dude who cross dresses beefing with some dude over a girl?  Shouldn’t they be beefing over a Mr. Cee type character?  I guess I’m just ignorant to the whole cross dressing scene.  It seems a little excessive to smash a guys car windows and douse his car with lighter fluid after you already shot him.  No?  According to The Chicago Sun Times:

A gunman dressed in drag shot a love rival during a game of dice on the Far South Side early Saturday, then threatened to shoot any witnesses who told on him, prosecutors allege.

Supermarket grocery bagger LePaul Williams, 35, allegedly donned a black wig, pink halter top and blue pajama bottoms before shooting 23-year-old Brian Stalling at 1 a.m. outside his home in the first block of East 102nd.

But Stalling survived a shot to the chest and later identified Williams as the shooter, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Toni Giancola told Judge Ramon Ocasio III Sunday.

Two other witnesses also identified Williams, Giancola said.

Williams and Stalling had been arguing about a girl when Williams followed Stalling across the road to a dice game and shot him, the prosecutor alleged.

As Stalling ran away, Williams used his 9mm gun to smash the windows of Stalling’s car, which he doused with lighter fluid, it’s alleged.

He then threatened to shoot the witnesses and barricaded himself inside his home, where he was later arrested, according to a police report.

The wig, the halter top and a cartridge matching a magazine recovered from Stalling’s vandalized car were taken as evidence from William’s home, Giancola said.