Chance Is Finally Ready for ‘The Big Day’

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The diamond-encrusted album has arrived.

Despite a somewhat botched album release, which saw its official unveiling hours after what was proposed, Chance The Rapper’s official debut album, The Big Day, has arrived. A big day it is indeed.

While this is Chance’s fourth official project, the pioneering Chicago MC dubbed this one his debut, baking in far more anticipation that what typically accompanies a Chano release — which, given who he is, is already pretty high.

Coming in at a loaded 22-tracks, 77-minutes, Chance explores a range of styles and concepts on The Big Day. He sings loudly and proudly, he sings in a soft, subdued tone; he raps aggressively with the best of them, he reserves pockets for whisper-like flows. And throughout it all, The Big Day serves as a reminder to Chance, and all listeners, what he’s endured to arrive at his diamond-encrusted debut.

Chano speaks on everything from his gratitude for his beloved wife and daughter; he reflects on harder times during his Chicago adolescence, with a helping hand from little brother, Taylor Bennett, on “Roo.” Family isn’t the only topics and features on The Big Day, though — the album is a sonic and conceptual amalgamation.

In addition to Taylor, stars like DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Gucci Mane, Francis And The Lights, and plenty more show out on Chance’s debut project. 

Take a listen to The Big Day in its entirety below: