So The Game spends his 4/20 in Canadian jail. Coming straight from Australia, The Game attempted to enter Canada today to perform a few shows. After waiting three hours at customs, Game was denied entry. He tweeted an hour ago: “Customs officials just denied me entry into Canada. I’m sorry 2 ALL my fans but I was mislead by promoters & assured I would be able 2 enter.”

Then the situation went from bad to worse, when a simple denial turned into a trial.  Game continued to tweet: “This just in: I’m being detained in Canada for 14 days until they process my inadmissability then I’ll have a hearing heard by a judge.” He then added that he would either be deported or be sentenced for violating Canadian immigration laws.

The Game’s final fate was a lock down, but I suppose he tried to keep his head up. My question is Why? His red mohawk must have made a bad impression? There’s something else happening, but I’m sure that’ll all to come to light soon.