The Game Gets Tattoo Honoring Kobe

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RIP to one of the GOATs.

Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing shook the world to the core. Despite it happening a few weeks ago, the reality still hasn’t fully set it; fans are mourning, his family is distraught. 

In times like these, people try preserving one’s memory through various tributes: letters, songs, paintings, etc. For The Game, the Los Angeles thoroughbred, he’s paid homage in his own special way: through some fresh ink.

Revealed earlier today on his IG, The Game shared his new face tat — located above his eye — of Kobe’s iconic no. 8, which is flipped horizontally to denote Kobe’s infinite nature and legacy. 

The world is still grieving this travesty, but all we can do is preserve Kobe’s legacy — whether that’s through the written word, or a face tat, Kobe will live on forever. Number 8 is infinite.

Check out The Game’s new face tat:

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