Akon recently sat down with ThisIs50.com to promote his latest single, “Angel”and his upcoming album, Stadium.  During the interview, Akon discussed how he originally made music for the streets, but has since focused on women-oriented songs.  Akon said that he’s not in a position where he’s forced to make these songs, but he realizes that they are lucrative and that females enjoy them, asserting, “while I’m making good money, let me have fun doing it.”  The conversation shifted towards Akon’s artist, Lady Gaga, who has had a tremendous three year run under his Kon Live imprint.   Akon said that he’s not hesitant to let her take part in other endeavors and that he wants her to build an empire.  He went on to say that if he prevented Gaga from becoming a successful brand it would be like Jimmy Iovine forbidding 50 Cent to form G-Unit under Interscope or akin to Dr. Dre being disallowed to establish Aftermath.


At this point, Akon randomly stated, “I always felt like I was protected by something or some force” and that he believes that he’s going to die of natural causes, ” so if you pull a gun on me, I’m coming straight for you because I don’t think the bullet’s going to hit me!”  Earlier in the interview, the Konvict Muzic singer dropped another gem when he said  that he washes his hands frequently because “if you touch a lot of money,” it touches a lot of hands and the germs stay on it.  Check out this interview; the one-eyed interviewer, Jack Thriller, is pretty entertaining.